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(Latin) noun, poetry, verse.

The Power of Poetry


At Camena we understand the power of poetry; and we are dedicated to restoring it to its rightful place — at the heart of business.

Poetry is the most potent wellbeing and development tool for business ever rediscovered. 

Camena’s bespoke masterclasses enhance wellbeing, development and teamwork.

Inspirational Teaching Artists

A revolutionary approach to wellbeing,
learning & development

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Transform your workplace

Camena offers startling cognitive and wellbeing benefits.

Enhanced performance, leadership development, improved staff retention and a restored sense of belonging.

Camena is a boutique learning and development company based in Edinburgh. Our mission is to show the extraordinary rewards of working with poetry for wellbeing, development and performance.

Lessons Learned Through Poetry Last a Lifetime

Our team of leading teaching artists harness the unique power of poetry to produce unparalleled benefits for wellbeing, communication, strategy, teamwork and leadership.

Harvard Business Review

 Camena is committed to delivering the highest standards of innovation, integrity and performance. Courses are accessible, engaging and immensely powerful. Our renowned teaching artists generate confidence and creativity in a safe, supportive and productive environment.

What is a teaching  artist?


Placing poetry at the heart of business


“This year it has been the only thing that has taken me away from the stress and worry of work and COVID… “I always left feeling rejuvenated”

“Attending the course allowed me to be familiar with some colleagues, which made me feel less alone at work during lockdown”

“A whirlwind of fun, exploration, inspiration, depth, and laughter. Poetic company where everyone is welcome. So enjoyable and worthwhile to do, definitely recommended!”

Expert Insight 

“Poetry gives our cadets a new and vital way of seeing the world…”

“…offering differing perspectives, competing values and conflicting emotions.”

“In teaching cadets poetry we teach them not what to think, but how to think.”

Lt Gen James Lennox, US Military Academy, West Point
‘What Poetry Brings to Business’ by Clare Morgan

“Taking responsibility means coming to grips with your reflective side.

Joseph Badaracco
John Shad Professor of Business Ethics, Harvard Business School
‘What Poetry Brings to Business’ by Clare Morgan


Strategy, leadership, teamwork, wellbeing