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General Questions

What is a Teaching Artist?

A teaching artist is an expert in their field – all our teaching artists are renowned poets, who lead participants in a collaborative, straightforward and engaging process. They use their deep knowledge and understanding of poetry, people and creativity to facilitate exploration, expression and development.

I hated poetry at school – how can this benefit our workplace?

The knowledge, understanding and growth gained through creation and performance of poetry far exceeds that gained through any analytical process. It’s a lot more fun too. And a great deal more effective in addressing well-being issues and encouraging development and achievement. Our practice revolves around the demonstration of straightforward techniques to draw out emotion, memory and knowledge and assemble these thoughts and words into a fulfilling piece of art.

What do we have to bring?

An open mind and a willingness to try different things. Leave your assumptions at the door — this is like nothing you’ve ever done (before.)




I am intimidated by the thought of poetry – how can I cope with a course that revolves around it?

The simple answer… is Teaching Artists. Our process bears no relation to the study of poetry, and what people may have experienced previously. Their methods are intuitive, gentle and surprisingly fun. Each session contains a series of small, vital yet manageable steps which when combined

become a journey of exploration and self-knowledge with a remarkable power to boost wellbeing and nurture development.

How are the courses structured?

Courses require a total time of between 6 and 10 hours.

 Most courses require 6 hours, except Carmenta which takes around 10.

 These take place in sessions of 1 ½ hours, which allows a small break in the middle for reflection, to move about and to relax – all essential in the creative process. Each course essentially creates a single collective piece of art, created by multiple hands, multiple hearts and multiple minds.

Can we do courses online?

Yes! Most of our courses are adapted for online sessions, although it does place limits on group size.