Placing poetry at the heart of business

Developed by visionary Teaching Artist Anita Govan, our courses guide you through a profound journey of discovery and growth. Poetry as an embodied practice is introduced in a lucid, direct manner with clear steps leading to transformations in performance and wellbeing. The expert, gentle guidance of our teaching artists ensures the courses are accessible, engaging and show tangible benefits in productivity and employee retention.

Its Time To Inspire

Why Choose Us?

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Poetry aids in the development of insight, its cognitive benefits improve one’s ability to deal with chaotic and uncertain challenges at hand. Besides its obvious benefits towards communication skills, which is the foundation of leadership, it aids in making informed, empathetic and far-sighted decisions. The absorption of poetry improves the cohesion and simulation of diverse information, it provides analytical tools that enables leaders to implement their various areas of knowledge, intuition and training, at crucial points in decision making and event response.



Working with poetry creates newer dimensions within cognition, apprehension and understanding enabling out-of-the-box thinking, and creative solutions. It creates a common register among colleagues which otherwise takes a longer time as an organic process, an outcome which isnt necessarily guaranteed. In a matter of hours, the mutual facility and understanding among colleagues would lead to an improved awareness of how they think individually and as a group, to communicate and perform, leading the effective strategy development, planning and execution.


Our courses guarantee improved analytical skills, teaching one how to think over being told what to think. These skills refine decision-making, problem-solving and heightened awareness of complex situations. Insight, emotional intelligence and empathy add a deeper level of understanding to rational modes of approach – help your leaders and employees truly absorb their wok environment and respond more effectively to the needs of the team.


The mutuality of shared experience and community across organisations are an immensely powerful component in ensuring that staff feel more connected, work better, companies show higher rates of staff retention and lower rates of absence. People who have voiced their experience feel and perform better. Poetry engenders the safe sharing of complex thoughts, ideas and emotions. This leads to strength building across various criteria within an organisation.


Colleagues and clients exhibit a deeper, more involved, detailed and precise engagement with work, with colleagues and with clients. Interpersonal understanding and elevated communication empower staff to tell a better story of their work and dignity they acquire through it, and find a greater sense of overall purpose in it.


The sense of belonging fostered by learning and growing together combats isolation and withdrawal, it connects teams emotionally and intellectually. Staff working from home feel a lot less isolated and new staff engage with colleagues better, with a shared goal in mind. Teams work internally through trauma and difficulty, bringing them closer together, forming stronger units, with a greater sense of belonging.



Helping your employees give voice to their experiences makes them stronger. Doing this through poetry has profound benefits for their wellbeing and peace of mind. Doing this in teams strengthens individually, strengthens teams and builds a feeling of togetherness across the organisation.

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Interpersonal Understanding

The course at Camena would facilitate a better understanding of how colleagues think, work and process. One could expect to build that understanding in from day one. Our teaching artists assist teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.



Working together creates powerful, connected and intuitive minds among your teams. The amplifying power of poetry creates deeper understanding, stronger bonds and an elevated level of communication and understanding.