The Power of Poetry


At Camena we understand the power of poetry; and we are dedicated to restoring it to its rightful place – at the heart of business.

Poetry is the most potent wellbeing and development tool for business ever rediscovered. 

Why Choose Us?

Poetry holds the potential to salve emotional wounds, improve the efficacy of training, to present complex, nuanced information concisely, and to unite disconnected people.

Elite institutions such as West Point military academy and Harvard medical school harness this potential to help them excel in their future roles, making them better officers, doctors and surgeons.

“We are born makers, and creativity is the ultimate act of integration –  it is how we fold our experiences into our being” 

Brené Brown, Rising Strong 

From generation to generation, poetry has been passed on, created, written, printed, celebrated. It is woven into our culture and hardwired into our brains. Intrinsic to language and culture, poetry is embodied by the alchemy of vocal resonance, movement, rhythm and rhyme. Whether its creations are a meditation of thought, or full of passionate intent, the impact of poetry is profound.

Camena brings all of the assets of poetry and alchemy to your company, supported by cutting edge research and new scientific discoveries; bringing your business the essential benefits of wellbeing for times of stress or crisis.

Our courses enable your team by improving memory, analytical skills and cognitive ability; leaving participants feeling acknowledged, validated and renewed in a reliable, safe and sustainable structure.