Photo of Camena Co-Founder/Director and Lead Tutor Anita Govan performing.
Pictured: Anita Govan — Camena Co-Founder/Director and Lead Tutor.
Photo: courtesy Anita Govan.

A Teaching Artist is an artist at the forefront of their field, whose deep knowledge of their discipline and an innate understanding of people and creativity allow them to facilitate extraordinary development and learning in their participants.

Like the fabled alchemist, Teaching Artists facilitate change and enable transformation. They enable participants to create meaningful work through the exploration of difficult and sometimes emotional issues in a safe, nurturing environment.

Teaching Artists create the conditions under which tremendous growth, development and connection can take place. Incredible transformation can take place over the duration of course, in understanding, in emotional maturity or in ability.

Their gentle, expert guidance encourages participants along a journey of exploration and investigation. Simple, fun and intriguing exercises generate ideas, which are developed into pieces of work, refined, revealed and reflected upon in a supportive, nurturing atmosphere.

Working with a great teaching artist gives the experience of being an artist, making the multitude of invisible decisions made by artists.

They will discover the creation of art is, like life; not made up of giant leaps but comprising series after series of small but significant steps.

You will understand the shared experience of the process builds wellbeing, fosters a sense of belonging, creates camaraderie and common understanding. 

You will discover the abilities your employees develop and hone through the programme directly benefits their performance, their teamwork, and their development as people and as employees.