Our Courses

Camena offers bespoke programmes in poetry which, in the manner of masterclasses, are taught by experts in the field. With the cognitive, aesthetic and literary tools that the practice and reading of poetry offers, we insist at Camena that the practice of poetry has life changing benefits for its takers. Our clients benefit from the use of our courses as an add on to their other mental health initiatives, they are also sustainable and beneficial on their own. 

Our programmes are designed to aid employees manage their work lives wholly and sustainably; incorporating art based therapies and multiple teaching modalities, the benefits of our programs are manifest and backed by research. 

Our courses are fun simple, highly accessible and easy to retain, set in an expert manner by our teaching artists.

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Our Programmes

* Most courses consist of 4 sessions of 90 minutes each. Online courses are restricted to 5 participants to ensure a quality experience. 


The Power of Connection

Calliope - new

An immersive, fun and accessible programme which boosts wellbeing individually and across organisations. Refined by the lessons learned under lockdown, our Calliope Wellbeing courses will connect teams, boost wellbeing, give tools to manage mental health, build empathy and communication skills and connect your employees, whether in-person or online.


Classical, Ethical Leadership

Egeria - new

This programme equips you with better tools to navigate uncertainty, to inform and empower ethical leadership. We tackle various leadership challenges and through literary practice aim to aid leaders deliver their outcomes with erudition, conviction and confidence.


Strategic Alignment

Minerva - new

Bring teams together before project planning, this course enables participants to create and execute strategy effectively, through the combination of two key skills, building and expression, this course creates smooth internal communications and operations through the correct use of language and heightened levels of interpersonal understanding.


Transform Creation to Performance

Carmenta - new


In-depth, in-person creative and performative programme for executive teams. Camena’s Carmenta programme will lead to transformational development of capability, confidence, wellbeing, camaraderie, and communication. This is a holistic programme that offers the cognitive benefits of turning ideas into action, while never running out of creative impulses. 

Success Stories

“Anita’s empathy and care for the group, plus her steadfast belief in their ability to express themselves imaginatively transformed their confidence…imaginative and consistently supportive approach motivated the young adults and enable them to take creative risks way beyond their comfort zone and their own expectations of themselves.”

Elizabeth Lynch, Wellcome Trust

“I was lucky enough to attend Anita’s Poetry for Connection during lockdown in early 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed the course. I would recommend it for anyone, it allowed me to develop my comms skill and build relationships while tackling the feelings of isolation during that time.

Another fellow attendee has said they use the shower technique in their daily teaching practice and one has recently had a poem published too…the benefits are vast.”

Iseult McKenna, Poetry for Connection participant, Dumfries and Galloway College

“I loved it! I loved the exercises and the feeling of playfulness; it was like I was back at school- except I was eager to learn and what we were learning and exploring was fun and inspiring. Childlike excitement!”

Alanna, Stepping Into Poetry Workshop participant

Teaching Artists

All Teaching Artists are PVG/DBS listed and fully insured. Due to the global pandemic, our courses have been made accessible online.

Poetry Consultancy

Would you like to explore reading poetry as an aid to decision-making? Do you need advice on setting up a Poetry Club, or would you consider a Poet-in-Residence. We provide a bespoke, expert service which encompasses the needs of your employees and builds sustainable structures within your organisation, significantly contributing to morale, attachment and wellbeing.