Person reading a business book.
Photo: Austin Distel, Unsplash

Learning through poetry enables more effective learning and collation of new knowledge, and it facilitates more efficient and effective use of learned knowledge and experience.

Neurons created through poetry are larger than normal, like those created by music. -it’s why poem and music live with us in ways nothing else does. Rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and other linguistic devices, combine to create long-lasting brain systems which hold memories and knowledge.

The emotional significance of poetry, the way in which it can elicit hidden, niggling anxieties and unvoiced emotions combines with the creative connections made through multi-layered meaning, makes connections in the mind. It makes a smarter,  more-interconnected and resilient mind, and smarter, more interconnected  and resilient teams.

Working through poetry means benefits are profound, significantly improve performance and permanent. Just like you still remember nursery rhymes from your childhood, the benefits which result from exploration, expression and reflection through poetry last a lifetime.